Rebecca Riley and Associates offer coaching support to organisations and individuals. Rebecca has a Post Graduate Certificate (PGC) in Business and Personal Coaching from the University of Chester and experience of coaching in a variety of different settings to help bring about effective and lasting change. Rebecca has a particular interest in working with children, young people and their families.

What is coaching?

Coaching is all about making changes. it draws on a variety of counselling and listening approaches to help an individual or team find self selected positive ways to achieve goals at work and/ or home life.

Why use coaching?

Coaching enables personal choice and empowerment. It is all about taking responsibility, self management, team working and ownership of achievable change. A variety of techniques may be used from Person Centred Thinking, creating time to think, talking through situations, through to neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behaviour therapy.

Coaching provides a partnership between coach and coachee(s), with agreed outcomes and an action planning approach, to help individuals and teams change, develop or perform at their very best. 

Benefits of using a coaching approach

Business/ personal coaching has a valuable role in developing people by

  • Listening to the individuals involved, letting them take ownership and lead change.
  • Providing protected time for thinking/ reflection. This enables learning from different situations and experiences. Thinking can also release potential and creativity by providing an opportunity for individuals to work through issues or challenges.
  • Equipping individuals/ teams with tools and positive coping strategies to help them manage their responsibilities and meet  individual or team targets.
  • Helping relieve stress and maintain focus.
  • Promoting positive attitude and behaviours.
  • Encouraging individuals to take more personal responsibility for their health and well being.
  • Addressing issues surrounding work and home life balance. 

Coaching support can be helpful for those with long term conditions to enable them find to find ways to manage their own health needs and live a fulfilled life. Young people and families can also benefit from the use of coaching approaches to help them find ways to manage the complexities of everyday life. For more information on our Coaching Process CLICK HERE

Hear what our clients think

“Becca is a great coach with great insight and a caring nature – I would recommend her to anyone considering personal or business coaching.” 

Zoe Jepson Derbyshire Market Towns Officer at Derbyshire County Council

“I have had the privilege of seeing Becca in action as a coach. She has a relaxed open style of coaching building rapport quickly, with total focus on the coaching relationship. She uses a range of appropriate techniques setting an environment that builds confidence for the client allowing them to freely discuss complex and difficult issues”

Kath Akoslovski Director at Bridge2succeed Ltd