Clinical Expertise

Rebecca has 30 years of experience of working across adult and children’s health provider services, specialising in palliative and End of Life (EOL) care and working with service users with complex needs or Long Term Conditions (LTC’s). She is a Registered Nurse and has managed a regional hospice service. She offers expert palliative care advice and support across all sectors including health, local authority, independent and voluntary. Rebecca promotes the use of coaching support and person centred planning to help those of all ages with long term conditions or life threatening illness to take responsibility and manage their own care effectively. Becca can help teams and individuals understand how grief affects us all, how to develop resilience and gain skills to help manage complex or challenging conversations. Past work includes:

National trainer for Together for Short Lives (Association of Palliative Care) with the ‘Train to Care’ programme and Transition Coordinator facilitating use of the Transition Care Pathway to promote robust transition practices for disabled/ life limited young people moving into adult life and services.

Practitioner Health Lecturer (PHL) in Children’s Palliative Care, The University of Nottingham, delivered degree module at level 3 and 4.

Project management of an East Midlands children’s palliative care data mapping initiative.

Audit and development of an East Midlands Directory of Palliative Care Education and Training Resources on behalf of East Midlands Children and Young People’s Palliative Care Network

Work across Nottinghamshire to support development of Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families, incorporating Person Centred Thinking approaches.

Clinical Associate for Gold Standards Framework (GSF) delivering Palliative or ‘last years of life’ training programmes in hospitals, care homes, community services; Also providing coaching support to services and supporting GSF accreditation process.

Work with The Brain Tumour Charity delivering training on Courageous Conversations, Understanding Grief, Advance Care Planning (ACP), Leadership and Resilience.

Hear what our clients think

“Becca worked with ACT as a freelance, part-time Transition Co-ordinator within the East Midlands from 2008, the posts were established to implement the ACT Transition Pathway across the UK. Becca worked tirelessly to drive forward the implementation of the Transition Care Pathway, to help services to work together to provide a more seamless transition to adult services for young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.  She worked extensively to help bring providers and commissioners from both children’s and adult services together to ensure young people are supported and actively engaged as they move between services.”
Lizzie Chambers, Chief Executive. (Association of Children’s Palliative Care now called Together for Short Lives)

 “a HUGE thank you for your session on Grief and Loss this week,  I had some really great feedback from the team. They felt that you handled the subject with absolutely the right touch of sensitivity and brought your experiences both personally and professionally which really helped explain the topic. This works particularly well with our team as they are naturally introverts and I think your being open and sharing appropriately your stories, helped them open up a little bit. They have all come away incredibly impressed and feeling like they have a greater confidence in handling conversations around grief and loss.” (Head of Services, The Brain Tumour Charity Oct 2018)

“Becca encouraged lots of interaction and engagement which helped everyone feel comfortable and open up; Becca is an excellent trainer and facilitator; Becca presented in such an interesting and inspiring way. ” (Fundraising Team, Brain Tumour Charity, 2019)