Clinical Advice

Rebecca Riley and Associates offers expert health advice and support across all sectors including health, local authority, independent and voluntary. Rebecca has 30 year experience of working within children’s services, specialising in palliative/ End of Life (EOL) care. She is very interested in promoting the use of coaching support and person centred planning to help those of all ages with long term conditions or life threatening illness manage their own care effectively. Recent work includes:-

  • 2008-9 working with NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement developing and testing products to support World Class Commissioning including a Change Readiness (Organisation Development) Tool and a river diagram web resource to promote information and knowledge share between PCT’s (Primary Care Trusts.)
  • 2008-2011 ACT Regional Transition Coordinator (East Midlands) facilitating use of the ACT Transition Care Pathway to promote robust transition practices for disabled/ life limited yung people as they move on to adult life and services.
  • 2009-12 National trainer for Together for Short Lives (Association of Palliative Care) with the ‘Train to Care’ programme. 
  • 2009-11 Associate and validated business coach for Solace Enterprises.
  • 2010- present Working with ‘Living Well’ approaches- a personalisation initiative, in conjunction with Helen Sanderson Associates to introduce person centred thinking with children and young people with complex/ palliative care needs.
  • 2011-12 Providing clinical expertise around integrated care for people with long term comditions (LTC’s) to Integrated Care Planning Ltd to help develop collaborative planning applications for healthcare, focuing on inclusive commissioning, QIPP delivery and devolved governance.
  •  2011- present Practitioner Health Lecturer (PHL) in Children’s Palliative Care, The University of Nottingham, deliver degree module.
  • 2010- 12-Project manager- palliative care data mapping on behalf of East Midlands Children and Young People’s Palliative Care Network
  • 2011 Audit work and delivery of an East Midlands Directory of Palliative Care Education and Training Resources on behalf of East Midlands Children and Young People’s Palliative Care Network
  • 2012- present working in Nottinghamshire to support development of Educaton, Health and Care (EHC) plans for children and young people with Specal educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families. Using Person Cenred thinking and Coaching approaches.

Hear what our clients think

“Becca worked with ACT as a freelance, part-time Transition Co-ordinator within the East Midlands from 2008, the posts were established to implement the ACT Transition Pathway across the UK. Becca worked tirelessly to drive forward the implementation of the Transition Care Pathway, to help services to work together to provide a more seamless transition to adult services for young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.  She worked extensively to help bring providers and commissioners from both children’s and adult services together to ensure young people are supported and actively engaged as they move between services.”
Lizzie Chambers, Chief Executive. (Association of Children’s Palliative Care now called Together for Short Lives)