Kathy Dickinson

Kathy has over 10 years experience of implementing change in healthcare. She has designed and led many National healthcare improvement programmes. As a clinician and trained coach, she has been able to offer advice and strategies that address many of the human dimensions and healthcare cultural challenges that staff face in implementing change. Her improvement philosophy is centred around creating ownership and involvement of staff from front-line clinicians to

board level staff.

As a previous member on the National Clinical Governance Support Team and currently director of “Improvement and Facilitations solutions Ltd”, Kathy has worked with staff, their patients and carers from a variety of specialties and healthcare organisations around the country. 

Areas of work include:

  • Designing and delivered national training programmes for NHS staff giving them the knowledge and skills to work with patients and carers to improve services.
  • Delivering events for NHS staff and their stakeholders to work with patients and carers to improve or redesign services through large group, whole system events.
  • Conducting regional, patient led reviews of services to highlight gaps in current service provision and provide evidence for change from a user perspective.
  • Patient safety and governance reviews of services to identify issues and propose recommendations for improvement.
  • Regional reviews of services that identify gaps in provision against nationally established standards.
  • Work with board level healthcare executives to produce action plans for improvement. Supporting them to implement change solutions to address issues around process, systems, leadership and team working.