Kathy Dickinson

Kathy has over 10 years experience of implementing change in healthcare. She has designed and led many National healthcare improvement programmes. As a clinician and trained coach, she has been able to offer advice and strategies that address many of the human dimensions and healthcare cultural challenges that staff face in implementing change. Her improvement philosophy is centred around creating ownership and involvement of staff from front-line clinicians to board level staff.   Click here for a full profile

Tracy Ruthven

Tracy has been involved in the delivery of training and education in relation to quality improvement for over 15 years. She delivers a wide range of accredited courses including clinical audit, clinical governance, significant event audit and root cause analysis. She holds a teaching qualification and currently acts as a moderator for a national academic organisation to quality assure a range of healthcare related courses. In 2004, Tracy collaborated with colleagues on “Teaching Clinical Audit the PCAG Way”, a resource pack that over 100 NHS Trusts now utilise to support local audit training programmes. In 2005/6, Tracy helped develop online training materials for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. View Tracy’s website HERE or click here for a full profile.